How to do itEdit

Ever wanted this snazz in your font?

Look no further!

So, this is what it looks like: text shadow

Coding: <span style="text-shadow: black 0px 3px 3px;">text shadow</span>

You can also add Hex Codes to it to make different colors! Awesome, right?

But if I add Hex Coding to it...

It will look like a different font.


You see the bolded part that says "text-shadow: 0px 3px 3px;">text-shadow? Those are the values. It is quite better to know their use. You see the left one? That one defines if the shadow goes left or right. Making it increase sends the shadow to the right. Using negative numbers, as in -50, will make it go left/backwards.

The second value is the one that defines how down/up it goes. If you do 0, it's just and outer glow for the text. Making it increase makes the shadow go down. Using negative numbers will make it go up and above the text rather than down.

The third/final value, defines how blurred the shadow is. A 0 makes it a carbon copy of the text. Increasing it makes it super blurred but visible. 100 and above is to the point it is barely visible.