RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue. It is mainly used for CSS.

How to use thisEdit

All the shades of red, blue, and green are in this. You have to select a certain specific shade of each color, combine them like mixing paint and, the new color comes up.

The thing is, these come with numbers. A light shade of red would be 25 or 33.

Inserting in codingEdit

Usually when you code letters, you do: <span style="color:blue;">insertrandomwords</span>.

Well, let us observe the "color:blue' part. Hmmmm. Perhaps we could replace it with RGB. How to do this? Well, first what color do we want to make? Purple? Let's try a variety :D - <span style="color:rgb(90,56,123);">Resulty!</span>

Here's how it is in result: Resulty!

Helpful LinksEdit

A RGB colorpicker

RGB Combination List Edit

Let us just guess this will be never ending. It's worth a try! If you know a combination, post here in same format as others :DEdit

  • (0,0,0) - black
  • (0,255,0) - green
  • (255,255,255) - white
  • (0,0,255) - blue
  • (255,0,0) - red
  • (176,224,230) - light blue
  • (29,92,2) - dark green
  • (12,72,84) - teal
  • (255,0,255) - magenta
  • (160,0,160) - purple